Brief internet appearances

Rivqa is smiling and holding a copy of Strange Fire

This year will probably be a quiet one in terms of my fiction, since I’m doing honours in psychology this year (reputedly the hardest part of the whole process). Still, I have a couple of things coming up soon.

In the meantime, I have managed to share opinions about Jewish Australian speculative fiction on a panel with Gillian Polack, Jack Dann, and Jason Franks. This was run by Bettina Burger and Lucas Mattila, who are lovely Australian spec fic academics and enthusiasts at Heinrich Heine University, and was a lot of fun. Watch here. One of their students has reviewed several of my short stories for their blog, so my fiction has now been officially studied! That’s got to be a square on my non-existent bingo sheet.

I also visited Elizabeth Fitzgerald’s blog, Earl Grey Editing, to share too many feelings about online spec fic conventions, burnout, and more. Check it out if you like feelings.

Last but not least, now that the USPS is shipping to Australia again, my contributor copy of Strange Fire has finally made it across the pond. I’m so excited to read this one.

The art of strange fire

Cover of "Strange Fire: Jewish Voices from the Pandemic", edited by TS Mendola, featuring an abstract artwork

I’m pleased to announce that “Love Thy Neighbour”, my cheeky Eve + Adam + Lilith Torah fanfic short story is forthcoming in Ben Yehuda Press’ Strange Fire: Jewish Voices from the Pandemic anthology, edited by TS Mendola and out later this month. The paperback is available for preorder now, and the ebook should be available soon. Warning: my story is in the SEX section (yes, there’s a sex section).

Also forthcoming is “She Is Not in Heaven”, in FableCroft’s The Art of Being Human (edited by Tehani Croft and Stephanie Lai). I’m sharing a TOC with the likes of Kaaron Warren, Juliet Marillier, and Joanne Anderton, so I’m really excited for this. My story in this one is a genre I’m calling shtetlpunk, and it has a golem, so stay tuned for a release date for this one.