November news

So much going on this month!

Little Blue Marble has reprinted my Far North Queensland epidemiology adventure story, “Trivalent,” originally published in Ecopunk (Ticonderoga Publications). I still love my grumpy virologist and I’m glad this story is free to read now.

And Strange Horizons has published my very personal dybbuk story, “Whom My Soul Loves.” It’s not only queer and Jewish, but is set in the community that brought my parents together, making my existence possible. (Meta!) This one is also free to read and there’s an excellent podcast version, so I hope you’ll check it out.

I mentioned this in my last post, but to reiterate: GenreCon is coming up on 22 November. I’m on two panels (“Love in Strange Worlds” and “Overcoming the Monster”) and I’m running a seminar, “Writes and Rituals”, about religion and ritual in fiction, and how ritual can be useful to writers in their own practice.

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