“Writes” and Rituals

Moderator Jake Corvus hosts a panel of expert guests as they discuss how writers use romance to explore queer angels, reverse harems and more.

Participants: Jaymin Eve, Kaydence Snow, Kevin Klehr, and Rivqa Rafael.

Convicts, conferences and… other things that don’t start with “con”

So many things! First and foremost, at long last I can announce that my alternate history convict short story “These Rebellious Hussies” is forthcoming in Other Covenants. Edited by Mark Shainblum and Andrea D. Lobel and published by ChiZine Publications, this is a volume of Jewish alternate history. The line-up is pretty gob-smacking, and some hyperventilating might have been involved when I saw it. Publication is slated for May 2020, but it’s up for Amazon preorders.

Also announced today is the GenreCon program. It runs 22-24 November in Brisbane, and is a conference that encourages wonderful cross-pollination between writers of speculative fiction, romance, crime, and other genres. The theme this year is “thrive in your genre”, and I’m thrilled to be on two panels (“Love in Strange Worlds” and “Overcoming the Monster”). I’m also running a seminar, “Writes and Rituals”, about religion and ritual in fiction, and how ritual can be useful to writers in their own practice. Tickets are available now, including discounted early bird tickets that won’t last long.

I’m also the publicity manager for the forthcoming CSFG anthology, Unnatural Order. Edited by Alis Franklin and Lyss Wickramasinghe, it will be a wonderful book by Australian citizen and resident authors about monsters and the monstrous. Our Kickstarter campaign is full of some great goodies that are selling like hot cakes, so hurry over to check that out. And submissions to the anthology are open until 31 October (again, Australian citizen and resident authors only; read the guidelines, kids!).

Last but not least, the very delightful and talented Bruria Hammer recently pointed her camera at me and made magic happen. My new author picture is over on my About page. If you’re in Sydney and need a photographer, book her.

What am we? Identity and SFF

What is it like to be a non-human person? What is it like to be a machine? A collective? A planet, even? What is it like to come back from the dead, or to be beamed to another planet? Would I still be me? If my wolf-self kills someone, then is my human-self morally responsible? Such questions figure prominently in SFF. Does SFF answer them well? Does it answer them in a respectful way? Is SFF shaped by certain cultural assumptions, and is that a bad thing?

Participants: Josh Melican (moderator), J.S. Breukelaar, Rivqa Rafael, Sam Kiss.

Linguistic Worldbuilding

If you’re reading a novel set in Ancient Greece, do you cringe when you see Latin? If your universe never had the Norse gods, how do you name the days of the week? What if your stone-age setting predates metalwork? Is this important detail, or pedantic nitpicking? Let’s talk about the opportunities and restrictions in letting your setting guide your language!

Participants: Adeline Teoh, Kathryn A, Paula Boer, Rivqa Rafael (moderator).