What am we? Identity and SFF

What is it like to be a non-human person? What is it like to be a machine? A collective? A planet, even? What is it like to come back from the dead, or to be beamed to another planet? Would I still be me? If my wolf-self kills someone, then is my human-self morally responsible? Such questions figure prominently in SFF. Does SFF answer them well? Does it answer them in a respectful way? Is SFF shaped by certain cultural assumptions, and is that a bad thing?

Participants: Josh Melican (moderator), J.S. Breukelaar, Rivqa Rafael, Sam Kiss.

Linguistic Worldbuilding

If you’re reading a novel set in Ancient Greece, do you cringe when you see Latin? If your universe never had the Norse gods, how do you name the days of the week? What if your stone-age setting predates metalwork? Is this important detail, or pedantic nitpicking? Let’s talk about the opportunities and restrictions in letting your setting guide your language!

Participants: Adeline Teoh, Kathryn A, Paula Boer, Rivqa Rafael (moderator).